“Tales Beneath the Baobab Tree” Playtime Poppy’s Summer Theatre Adventure

Jun 22nd - 9:30 am

1400 Inspiration Place SW Cedar Rapids

A drum beats, a rattle shakes, and a voice cries out, “Come hear! Come hear!”

“A story! A story!” The answering call rings out across the village as the sun sets and people gather to hear the storyteller.

Come with us to a little village between the coast and the forest in Ghana, where we will hear tales that have been loved for centuries. We will meet Anansi the spider, Rabbit, Turtle, Lion, and a host of other animals. Through them, we will learn how stories came into the world, why rabbits have long ears and short tails, and more.

Performances: June 22 at 9:30 and 11:00
Host:  National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

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