Tanager Place- From Trauma to Resilience: Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training

May 15th - 9:30 am

1030 5th Ave SE Cedar Rapids

Presentation will focus on relationship enhancement and the importance of connection based healing in the context of trauma. Information regarding ACES, trauma and attachment will be provided to give framework regarding young people and difficult behaviors they may exhibit. Emphasis will be on how to build authentic relationships in order to create adaptive neuropathways and allow for new narratives to be developed.  Insight will be given on the brain and how we can change the way we interact with young people who struggle to develop healthy relationships and increase healing opportunities with the brain in mind.

  1. Identify key components of trauma and ACES
  2. Identify key components of the human brain related to traumatic experiences
  3. Identify ways to build resilience and healing through our relationships with clients


Registration: http://www.tanagerplace.org/event/from-trauma-to-resilience-comprehensive-trauma-informed-care-training/