Indian Creek Nature Center – Walking in Mindfulness Silent Meditative Walk

Apr 6th - 6:00 pm

5300 Otis Rd SE Cedar Rapids

Begin your weekend in communal solitude during a silent meditative walk with Audree from Walking in Mindfulness. Being in the silent presence of another person can shift your relationship to a more conscious and present moment, especially when drawing upon the serenity of nature. Participants will have the option to quietly greet others at arrival and after a brief introduction Audree will lead a silent meditative walk. While the walk itself is silent, participants are welcome to stay after to socialize. Because of the nature of this walk, music in earbuds, cell phones, and dogs are not allowed. Children are welcome as long as they abide by the concept of walking in silence. Pre-registration required. M $4; NM $6; children under 12 are free.